7 Women and a Murder | Ending Explained

After all the buzz around Glass Onion – Knives Out 2 – suddenly Murder Misteries are definitely trending, and Netflix is more that eager to monetize on that. So, just a week after the second Benoit Blanc’s adventure, another mistery is new on Netflix, this time coming from Italy. And the name cannot be more descriptive: 7 Women and Mistery.

But now, if in the middle of the seven women, the faceless dead body, the numerous secrets, and the not that surprising twist you got kind of confused, do not worry. Without further ado, we we’ll take a closer look into 7 Women and Mistery – specially the ending. Let’s start now!

1 ^ Who are the seven women? What are their names? How are they connected to each other?

The seven women are all connected through their relationship with Marcello, the head of the family, and owner of the beautiful italian mannor where all the action takes place. Now, let’s see who the women are.

Margherita (Margherita Buy): Margherita is Marcello’s wife and mother to Sussana and Caterina. She’s also Agostina’s sister and Rachele’s daughter.

Rachele (Ornella Vanoni): Rachele is Marcello’s mother-in-law. She’s mother to Margherita and Agostina. Also, she’s Susanna and Caterina’s grandmother.

Maria (Luisa Ranieri): Maria is the housemaid and later revealed to be Marcello’s secret lover.

Susanna (Diana del Buffalo): Susanna is Marcello and Margherita’s oldest daughter. She’s Caterina’s sister and Rachele’s granddaughter. She is single.

Agostina (Sabrina Impracciatore): Agostina is Marcello’s sister-in-law. She’s Rachele’s daughter, Margherita’s sister and aunt to Susanna and Caterina.

Caterina (Benedetta Porcaroli): Caterina is Marcello and Margherita’s youngest daughter. She’s Susanna’s sister and Rachele’s granddaughter. She’s single too.

Veronica (Micaela Ramazzoti): Veronica is Marcello’s friend. Veronica’s grandmother sold the house where Marcello raised his family.

2 ^ Who killed Marcello?

None killed Marcello, he was pretending to be dead so he could actually see how the women in his life would react to the news of his passing. Thing is, Marcello was about to change his will, and he needed to be sure how to distribute his money and goods fairly. That’s why he conviced Caterina to help him to fake his death, so he could hear what the women were saying.

3 ^ What were the secrets of the 7 women? What were the reasons to kill him?

Margherita‘s secret is that she was leaving the house and his husband to find a happier life with her lover. Since she wanted to be free, she was a suspect of his husband’s death, but later it was revealed that she did not want Marcello’s money.

Rachele‘s secrets were two actually. 1) She could actually walk, and 2) She refused to give up her business shares to Marcello. She was a suspect precisely because Marcello wanted those shares, and Rachele could react badly to this.

Maria‘s secret was that she was Marcello’s secret lover. She was a suspect because she was the new person in the house and later, because of his clandestine relationship with Marcello, and that maybe she was not taking well the fact Marcello did not included her name in his will.

Susanna‘s secret is that she was pregnant an since she was single. She was a suspect because maybe she wanted a bigger cut of his father wealth, because there was no man to support her. And that’s the same reason why she would want him alive.

Agostina‘s secret and main reason to be a suspect of Marcello’s death was the nature of her feelings towards tha man. Agostina was in love with Marcello, and since he was always pushing her away, that might have caused to feel angry enough to kill him.

Caterina‘s secret was that she was actually helping Marcello to fake his death. Caterina was the most obvious suspect of his father’s murder, because she might have felt pushed back in the will intentions of his father by literally everyone. For instance, she would have lose a nice cut because of Susanna’s baby, and because of Veronica and Maria’s influence on him.

Veronica‘s secret was that she needed money to come back to Paris, and that she actually have asked Marcello this money. She was a clear suspect, because she was the last one to show up in the house, and later because her interest in Marcello’s money.

4 ^ What happened to Marcello at the end of the film? Did he kill himself?

At the end of the film, Marcello was found dead outside, under the balcony of his bedroom. And no, none killed him, he killed himself. To summarize, Maria have taken a look at Marcello in his bedroom when they were outside trying to leave the state. When they all got inside, Margherita and Veronica were making out, and the other women were gathering. Now, you might think Maria could actually, very quickly, go upstairs and kill Marcello, but we have to remember Caterina had the only key with her.

Two things could happen at the end, Marcello could slip when he was taking some fresh air. Or he simply couldn’t stand his financial failure while so many people, the seven women, were depending on him.

What do you think about Marcello’s real death? Accidental or Perpetrated?

Questions? Annotations? More doubts? The comments section is open just below this post so feel free to use it. See you in the next installment of Ending Explained here at El Sabanero X.

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