What Happened to Monday? ^ Ending Explained

What happened to Monday? Or Seven Sisters as it was titled in Europe, is one of the additions of August in the online content platform Netflix and since its premiere it has received kind of positive reviews, considering that, well, it is a Netflix movie.

On the big pluses of this movie, according to the movie critics, is the excellent mix of a suspenseful thriller and a terrifying dystopian film. But this mix, and also the high count of characters and high paced plot might have confused some viewers creating several questions, specially about the final scenes. If you are one of those viewers, you’re in the right place.

With no more delays, let’s explain the ending of What Happened to Monday? and so much more.

Oh, by the way, SPOILERS ALERT.

what hapenned to monday explained

1 ^ When does the story take place?

The story takes place in 2073 as we could see near the end when Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close) announced she was running for Parliament. Considering that the seven sisters are +30 years old, their birth is assumed in the year 2043, the same year in which the law of only child is imposed.

2 ^ Where does the story take place?

What happened to Monday? takes place in a futuristic European Federation, which unlike today’s European Union, functions more as a country than as a voluntary union of nations as nowadays. Remember Brexit.

3 ^ Why does the sisters’ grandfather decide to keep them hidden?

To summarize, because the European Federation enact a Child Allocation Act that allows any woman to have only ONE child, making any additional childbirth illegal. Terrence Settman (William Dafoe) decides to cover the multiple pregnancy of his daughter, and raise their granddaughters sharing a single identity, Karen Settman. Terrence himself does not know who the father of the sisters is.

Terrence organizes a plan for the girls to live their lives, sharing one identity. In this way he assigns each of his granddaughters the name of a day of the week, and in the future each of them can only leave their apartment the day of the week that corresponds to their name.

4 ^ How can we tell the sisters apart? Who is who?

Monday: She is little Miss Perfect. She fulfills its functions and commitments in a perfect way, even at the cost of her own desires. Because of such self-restraint, she tends to have unbridled sexual desires, as his lover Adrian well acknowledges, and with whom she fulfills all her fantasies.

Tuesday: She is kind of a hipster girl. Disappearing early in the movie, we barely know anything about her. What we can tell is she is is by far the most relaxed and optimistic of all the sisters.

Wednesday: She is dedicated to physical training. She is strong and tough. She works hard everyday to be in shape.

Thursday: She is the rebel girl of the group, with a marked disdain for the rules and at the beginning she seems to be the most likely to abandon the scheme organized by her grandfather. Thursday seems to enjoy dressing in a masculine way, so it is very likely that she does not like men, but women. I’m guessing here, do not kill me.

Friday: She is the most capable in networks, software, codes and technology, she is very careless with her looks and she is the one who feels more like a part of a group than as an individual. For Friday the team is first.

Saturday: She is the flirtatious sister who likes to dress in a suggestive way, to be as attractive as possible, it is easy to tell her apart because of her blonde hair. However, despite its appeal, Saturday has never had sex.

Sunday: She is the most spiritual of all the sisters. She has an emotional intelligence that allows her to read her sisters very. She works as a leader for the team.

5 ^ Why did Monday betray his sisters and what was her plan?

Things for Monday began to change the moment she fell in love with Adrian, and as a consequence of their sexual encounters, her pregnancy. It is then that Monday makes a deal with Nicolette Cayman: Monday will deliver not only a large sum of money for Cayman’s campaign, but also she will surrender her sisters in exchange for a license to live their life to the full with Adrian and their children. She was expecting twins.

6 ^ Why did Cayman keep alive Tuesday?

Cayman’s plan was to conceal at all cost the fact that seven sisters remained under a single identity for thirty years, which would irreparably damage her reputation as the head of childbirth control. However, she kept Tuesday alive as an insurance against Monday. In case Monday wanted to betray Cayman, she would expose Tuesday to the public and declare Monday as an illegal sister, condemning her to the Cryobank.

7 ^ What is the Cryobank?

In theory, the cryobank is a kind of warehouse where the illegal siblings are frozen, waiting for the population to descend, a fact that would mark their return to the world of the living. However, as we see at the end of the film, the cryobank is only a massive extermination machine that kills all the illegal siblings the agents send.

8 ^ In what order did the sisters die?

Although it seemed that Monday and Tuesday died first, the true order is as it follows:

1 ^ Sunday: Murdered in the apartment of Alexander Plaza, after an incursion of a team sent by Cayman. She died of a wound in her abdomen.

2 ^ Wednesday: Killed by Joe, the trusty bodyguard of Cayman (Christian Rubeck), after a persecution in the middle of the slums.

3 ^ Saturday: Killed in Adrian’s apartment by Joe’s men, after she had sex with him.

4 ^ Friday: She committed suicide, after preparing a homemade bomb, eliminating some of Joe’s men, but not him, inexplicably.

5 ^ Monday: Murdered by Joe, confusing her with Thursday, after exposing the massive murder committed by Cayman.

9 ^ What happens at the end of the movie?

After Thursday and Tuesday exposes Cayman with Adrian’s help, the woman is captured and faces a death penalty trial. The Act of Child Allocation is discarded and therefore now any birth is lawful.

10 ^ What does the final scene of What happened to Monday mean?

In the final scene of the film we see Tuesday and Thursday, in Adrian’s company watching a cylinder with two growing fetuses inside. Tuesday says her new name is Terry and Thursday says her new name is Karen.

It is interesting that Terry opted for a name similar to that of his grandfather, while Thursday chose the name of the personality she shared with her sisters, although it is also possible that she has chosen that name as a tribute to her mother.

The two fetuses in the cylinder are the unborn children of Adrian and Monday. The friendly relationship between Adrian and his sisters-in-law indicates that he is now part of their new family.

About Cayman, the final seconds of the film indicate a new demographic explosion, which implies that ultimately planet Earth is doomed to destruction because of overpopulation. I mean, maybe the good guys did not do something so good, and the bad one maybe was not doing something so bad. Maybe.

Questions? Annotations? Doubts? Insults? The comments section is open just below this post. See you again in another explanation post. Hopefully.

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27 comentarios en “What Happened to Monday? ^ Ending Explained

  1. It was a good movie with a confusing twist in the setup. It’s easy to see how the siblings wanted different things, a different life, and yes, the betrayal got out of hand. Maybe Monday could have hoped the sisters would be frozen, so she could live a full life with her lover and children. Maybe she was sheltered from the full truth or knew it all.

    Fractured as their lives were, the real bad guy is the law and its corporate overlords who lied for decades about the good they did, so . . why trust them to future good. It was a pretty speech about changing the laws, slowly and responsibly . . but they burned said good will each time they secretly burned siblings. I take cryo technology didn’t really exist or they didn’t care to use it.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. She actually insinuates that she’s not interested in men during a scene with Adrian in the van when she looks him up and down and says something to the effect of being identical in every….well not *every* way. The inference is that Monday was attracted to Adrian, but Thursday was not.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. @Ayisha

        Movies must suck for you. Everything must go right over your head.

        Well, I guess stupidity breeds more stupidity, especially when one refuses to admit they’re wrong. Or you just most likely don’t think / know you are. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsActually, that scene did not insinuate homosexuality. It’s just your dirty mind thinks of sexuality when it comes to choices. It’s more natural to believe that she was insinuating a difference in personalities, abilities, and other things. Maybe sexual orientation is one of them, but we don’t know that. Instead of strongly claiming what the scene was “insinuating” specifically, it’s better to be more accurate and stay general than spread stupid bias.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. That’s such a strange thing to say. She is having an existential crisis about her identity, as all of the sisters are at this time. She was told to always be identical, but now she’s thinking of the way that she is different than her sisters (Sunday’s dying words were that she didn’t even know who she was). Why does every look and action a woman does have to be automatically based on sexuality? She couldn’t care less about Adrian, she’s thinking about herself!

        Me gusta

      1. This is cyberbullying. Because of people like you, other innocent people on the internet are upset, depressed, or even committing suicide. Also, please do not use profanity. This website was not meant for unnecessary cussing and cyberbullying. You never know how old viewers of this website are. Please be more responsible with your privilege to be on the internet.

        Me gusta

  2. One theory for Thursday taking on the name Karen, is the fact she was the first sibling to actually use that persona in public. In the beginning of the movie, their Grandfather started on Thursday for the «test drive» of the groups identity (Karen). Great movie though.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I think it’s primarily a nod to the fact that she was the rule breaker of the siblings who never felt committed to the ruse. This was her way of finally becoming Karen, which she hadn’t done before her siblings were sold out.

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. I want to know what happened to their grandfather (Terry)? I don’t recall him dying. He just suddenly wasn’t around the last half of the movie. Or did I miss something?

    Me gusta

  4. Hi, Carlos. I liked your review, although I think you should say something about Noomi Rapace’s performance and the fact that the scenes with multiple twins interacting were very believable, in my opinion. I’m a Brazilian in the early fifties, and I remember well when I watched a soap opera in the 1970s in which a famous actress played two twins. Back then that was such a technical difficulty that in more than 90% of the scenes the twins did not appear together. Only in the end they did appear in the same scene, and how they did that intrigued most of the audience. So I must praise the director, the computer graphics staff and Noomi Rapace.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

  5. Is anyone else wondering why Nicolette was missing the tip of the same finger as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, And Sunday? No, just me? Okay.

    Me gusta

  6. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsIt’ll help to add images in your description of each sister (even though they are each played by the same actress, they’re portrayed distinctively enough to do so). Even after I watched the movie, I had to refer to pictures of the sisters after reading your descriptions of them.
    Some of the information you provided would be too broad for people who hasn’t seen the movie.
    Originally, the grandfather gave the coverup name Karen Settman to all his granddaughters to honor their late mother. But towards the end of the movie, Thursday had chosen to be referred to as Karen Settman to honor her sisters, not her mother. In the movie, before Thursday and Monday’s fight scene, Thursday explained that all the sisters made up Karen Settman, that Karen was their family.
    You also have errors correlating the person your speaking of with their gender in some sentences and titles.

    Me gusta

  7. The objective is : anything that happens to one happens to them all.

    This starts by chopping off the fourth finger tip bcoz of Thursday. Depending on the your week format smtwtfs or mtwtfss you will have a religious answer.

    The execution is in a nice order, Sunday dies bcoz of Monday, Wednesday dies of Tuesday & Saturday Bcoz of Thursday. We are left with three. Monday of the grid, Tuesday one eye removed { Bible scholars}. Friday { who ?} booms the infidels. The end; tweens are incubated and two sisters 👯 both with T & Knowles in the Middle. So gone is SMWFS/MWFSS. When Sunday dies she confess that she don’t know what she believes in.
    I could be ToTaly wrong.

    Me gusta

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