Annihilation ^ Ending Explained

Annihilation is one of Netflix’s newest additions to its movie library and as it happens so often now, the mere fact that it is on Netflix seems to automatically make it the favorite punching bag for critics and not-so-critics. But, putting aside what anybody might think about this movie, what nobody can deny is the enigmatic nature of the story that has already generated so many doubts and questions.

So, if you are one of those who waited for a little final scene to explain everything that happened in the 115 minutes of the film, you have arrived to the right place, because although we do not have a video scene that magically clarifies everything, yes, we have some answers, so let’s start with the analysis and explanation of … Annihilation.

annihilation ending explained

1 ^ What is the Shimmer?

Let’s start immediately. The Shimmer is the name of a abnormal formation that was initially generated around a lighthouse in the southeastern United States. The most important feature of The Shimmer is the way it distorts light, so that it looks kind of like a liquid rainbow that slowly expands. Continúa leyendo Annihilation ^ Ending Explained


Netflix’s 1922 ^ Ending Explained

Aside from the disaster of the adaptation of The Dark Tower by Sony, 2017 has been one of the greatest years for Stephen King. You just have to take look at the numbers: IT   has raised 640’000.000 dollars worldwide and is already ranked as the most watched horror film of all time (R-rated and Supernatural) as well as the best adaptation of Stephen King over films icons such as the Green Mile and the Shining . And Netflix could not be happier.

And the risks taken by the web content platform committing for two adaptations of the so-called Master of Terror could not come at a better time. The first adaptation, Gerald’s Game quickly generated the most diverse opinions and feedbacks on social networks, on behalf of its rawness, its approach to the original material, moments of suspense and of course, their criticism of objectification of women. Now, in October Netflix launches its Second King’s adaptation, this time of 1922, a novella released in 2010 in a book called Full Dark, No Stars

And, as it usually happens with every single work from Stephen King, written or adapted, it is necessary and mandatory to read carefully and analyzing what is going on. So, if after the credits rolled, you were left with some questions about 1922 , you are in the right place. Without further ado, let’s start over with the analysis and explanation of 1922 .

1922 english

1 ^ Where does the story of 1922 take place?

The story of the film takes place in a town in Nebraska, called Hemingford Home. This, unlike many of the towns and villages that King mentions in his work, is a real town that today counts about 850 inhabitants, in the middle of one of the least densely populated states of the American Union.

Hemingford Home is also interesting because it is mentioned in other works of Stephen King as The Stand as the place of origin of one of the main characters of the story: Sister Abigail. Also, Gatlin, Nebraska – where The Children of Corn takes place – is a neighboring village to Hemingford Home, to the point that the film sequel takes place precisely in Hemingford. Continúa leyendo Netflix’s 1922 ^ Ending Explained

What Happened to Monday? ^ Ending Explained

What happened to Monday? Or Seven Sisters as it was titled in Europe, is one of the additions of August in the online content platform Netflix and since its premiere it has received kind of positive reviews, considering that, well, it is a Netflix movie.

On the big pluses of this movie, according to the movie critics, is the excellent mix of a suspenseful thriller and a terrifying dystopian film. But this mix, and also the high count of characters and high paced plot might have confused some viewers creating several questions, specially about the final scenes. If you are one of those viewers, you’re in the right place.

With no more delays, let’s explain the ending of What Happened to Monday? and so much more.

Oh, by the way, SPOILERS ALERT.

what hapenned to monday explained

1 ^ When does the story take place?

The story takes place in 2073 as we could see near the end when Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close) announced she was Continúa leyendo What Happened to Monday? ^ Ending Explained

Shimmer Lake ^ Chronological Order and Ending Explained

Directed by Oren Uziel, Shimmer Lake is one of the new additions in Netflix this June, with some degree of success among the viewers thanks to its kind of unusual way to tell the story.

Shimmer Lake relates the series of events that takes place after a bank robbery in a small town in northern USA. The funny thing is that these facts are presented on the screen in a reversed chronological order. The film begins on Friday, the moves to Thursday, then Wednesday and finally we are told what happened on Tuesday, the day of the robbery.

Although all the elements of the film are well within the average standard for a Netflix Original, including performances (except perhaps Stephanie Sigman and Benjamin Walker), the interesting thing about this film and what it is worth analyzing and explaining is the chronological order of the facts. So. let’s do it.


1 ^ Around 2006

About ten years before the events of the robbery, Zeke Sikes (Benjamin Walker), Ed Burton (Wyatt Russell) and Chris Morrow (Mark Rendall) were Continúa leyendo Shimmer Lake ^ Chronological Order and Ending Explained

Katy Perry & The One That Got Away

Cover de "The One That Got Away"

¿Qué es lo que diferencia una buena película de una mala película? ¿Una buena canción de una extraordinaria canción o un libro mediocre de una obra maestra? La mayoría estaríamos de acuerdo en que la gran diferencia yace en la capacidad de hacernos reflexionar, de hacernos pensar, de vivir nuevas experiencias, de ponernos en el lugar de otras personas, de sacarnos de nuestro mundo y hacernos vivir en uno completamente nuevo, así sea temporalmente.

Si, precisamente ese efecto es el que logra Katy Perry con el sexto sencillo de super exitoso album Teenage Dream. Luego de California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, ET y Last Friday Night, Katy parece tomarse la libertad de lanzar un sencillo un poco menos dance y mucho más sentimental y personal. Escrito en compañía de Max Martin y Dr. Luke, Katy habla en esta canción de oportunidades perdidas y de sueños rotos que es imposible recuperar.

Aunque en realidad no entiendo que tanto debe lamentar Katy en estos momentos, siendo una de las cantantes más exitosas de la actualidad, pero en fin, una balada suave, tierna y fácil de escuchar, pero pegajosa y contagiosa, que invita a escucharla una vez más. Y eso sin contar que pronto tendrá sus remixes oficiales y no oficiales para que se pueda bailar perfectamente al ritmo electrónico.

Y si bien la canción es un total acierto, el video es realmente conmovedor. En compañía de Diego Luna, que tampoco parece salir de esa eterna adolescencia en la que parece estar enfrascado, la historia cuenta como una mujer mayor, interpretada magistralmente por Katy (de quien estamos acostumbrados más a verla como la chica fiestera) quien en sus últimos días lamenta enormemente un único error en su juventud que le costó la felicidad junto al amor de su vida.

No se puede decir otra cosa, sino que es un excelente trabajo de su directora Floria Sigismondi, quien cuenta entre sus videos Fighter, de Christina Aguilera. Realmente se siente el espectador atrapado por la historia del video, y aunque no hace tiene una duración excesiva, tiene más las características de un cortometraje que de un video musical.

No se si la disquera de Perry planea lanzar un séptimo sencillo, pero hasta ahora nos queda claro que Katy hay y para mucho rato.