The Open House ^ Ending Explained

Yes, I know. The end of this film is not what you were expecting, because you know … loose ends, unanswered questions and the feeling at the end that you lost 94 precious minutes of your life thinking about a plot that came down to nothing. But let me tell you something, there are answers, but maybe they are not exactly where you are looking.

Without further ado, let’s analyze and explain one of the most controversial releases from Netflix this year: The Open House.

the open house ending explained

1 ^ What is wrong with The Open House? Why everybody hates the film?

Logan (Dylan Minnette) has lost his father after a vehicle hit him outside a grocery store. This has left him and his mother Naomi (Piercey Dalton) in a critical economic situation. However, Naomi’s sister, Allison (Katie Walder) offers them to live in her house in the mountains, at least while everything gets better. The only downside is that the house is for sale, so every so often they will have to leave for a few hours to allow prospective buyers to see the house.

But that will be the least of their problems when inside the house, strange things begin to occur, as objects move around, doors open and close, and unexplained and strange noises can be heard at night. At the end we discover that there is someone who has been getting in and out of the house and this person first kills a friend of Naomi, Chris (Sharif Atkins) and then he does the same with Naomi and finally with Logan. Yes, the main characters of the movie are killed by the villain and just like that was not enough, the movie never reveals the true identity of the killer. Or maybe it does?

2 ^ Who are the suspects in The Open House?

Reading the comments of those who have seen the movie, most opt for four suspects: The Plumber, Martha’s husband, Ed, and finally Logan himself.

The Plumber is the favorite suspect, as first he claimed to have been in the house often before, he knows how to deal with the heater and finally he was in possession of the phone that Logan lost (although he said he just found it around the heater). Also the size of the killer fits with The Plumber’s.

Others opted for an invisible suspect: Martha’s husband. Martha is an extremely unusual neighbor, stating that her husband is dead the first time she meets Naomi, and then saying is very alive and strong the next time she sees her.

The third suspect and the least likely is Ed. Ed (Leigh Parker) is the assistant of real estate agent Joannie McCallister (Kathryn Beckwith) and although he seems clumsy and distracted, that might be just a pose. He knows the house, he has access to it and he is young and athletics. He might have been living in the house before the arrival of Logan and Naomi.

The last of the suspects is Logan. It might be likely that after seeing his father dying, Logan had developed a trauma that has left him with some mental disorder. A disorder of this nature would explain the strange things he sees, why things change places and finally why the killer (himself) took off his contact lenses so easily. Killing his mother and himself, he was avenging the death of his father, because in his twisted mind they both were guilty of what happened.

Do you think one of these four suspects is the killer? I don’t, I have another theory.

3 ^ Who is the killer in The Open House?

Three interesting facts in this movie:

1 ^ In the funeral, it is stated that the driver that killed Brian had a heart attack and then lost the control of the car.

2 ^ Logan does not remember well what really happened after his father was hit by the car.

3 ^ The killer went through a lot of trouble to kill Logan and Naomi and then fabricate the crime scene.

These three facts might actually reveal the true identity of the killer.

What if the driver had no heart attack? What if the driver was just someone driving at high speed? If you rewatch the scene, you can see the car was not moving erratically, but it went straight to Brian. The story of the heart attack would prevent the payment of any compensation to the Wallaces and also would prevent the driver to go to jail. Besides, Logan does not remember what happened after his father was hit.

Or even worst, what if the person with the heart attack was already dead? What if Brian’s death was all but accidental? What if it was intentional? I mean, if the killer of the Open House went through so much to fabricate a crime scene, is it really too hard to think the same thing happened in the parking lot?

But, why the broken memories? For the same reason some include Logan in the list of suspects: post-traumatic stress. Logan was especially fond of his father and we he saw him die, shattered by a the car, that somehow affected his ability to recall the events of that night.

Now the killer planned everything so that it seems that Logan was to blame for everything that happened in the mountain house, he managed Logan to leave his fingerprints on Chris’ car and all over his dead body. He got Logan to stab his mother accidentally and finally he got him running just to kill him away from the house. Why so much planning? Why does he specifically stole Logan’s phone and not Noami? Maybe because the only witness that night, outside the grocery store was not Naomi, it was Logan.

That person who negligently or perhaps intentionally killed Brian Wallace, Logan’s father and Naomi’s husband, that person were afraid that Logan had seen them and could reveal their identity to the authorities. And the fact that Logan and Naomi have moved to a secluded place, it would seem that perhaps they were under witness protection. Maybe Brian saw something in one of the houses he was working (he was a plumber, too) and someone just wanted him dead.

The person hired an expert, a killer, to end any possibility that the truth could be revealed. He killed Brian in the parking lot, covered it up with the heart attack story and then he went for the loose ends: Logan and Naomi. He was even expecting them before their arrival to the house.

This killer took advantage of the Open House status to analyze the place very well, including inputs and outputs hidden. He altered the room heater and organized it differently to see if someone, such as a witness protection agency, showed up. And finally he stole Logan’s phone to check if Logan had talked to someone about what happened the night of the death of his father.

The killer had enough reason to believe that his client was not in danger, except for the fact that Logan was beginning to remember what happened. Most likely the killer installed cameras and microphones in the house to ensure he had all the information available. When it was evident that Logan was starting to remember what happened after his father’s death, the killer put together the plan to destroy the latest evidence.

He killed Chris and took him to the car and left the door open and the lights on so after waking Logan up, he could approach to the vehicle, leaving his fingerprints all over the place. He tortured Naomi and put the knife on the floor so Logan could set her free (she had her fingers broken). The killer eventually took Naomi to the basement and made her scream and then he pushed her onto Logan who stabbed her accidentally.

Finally, he removed Logan’s contact lenses, and then he let him go, so he could not reach the road. Logan stopped around a stream, and the he choked him and left him for dead apparently as a consequence of being running with light clothes into the snow . So when the police arrived in the morning, they could find enough evidence that Logan killed Chris and Naomi and then he froze to death trying to flee the scene. A perfect murder.

4 ^ What is the meaning of the final scene inThe Open House?

At the end of the film we see a vehicle taking a detour to another Open House, and within the car, presumably the murderer. This is just a cover. The killer saw several open houses to avoid being considered as a suspect.

5 ^ Could there be another explanation?

Yes, indeed. The film’s ending is so open that almost everything is possible, but the movie also rules out each one of the initial suspects. The Plumber has no reason to kill the Wallaces, not with such degree of planning.

Martha’s husband does not seem to be a real option because ghosts have no need to cover up killings. Ed is ruled out because in one scene we notice that the killer came to see the house and although Logan option would be great, that does not explain why Naomi was not terrified to see him when he came to untie her

Now what if the hired killer was a local person? A former military man or something? A former military man who decided to work as a plumber to care for his sick wife? That is also possible. Too bad they not included that plot twist.

6 ^ Any other theory?

Yes, someone in the comments pointed that Naomi’s Sister asked her to spend some time in the mountain house, and then Martha reveals she already knew the Wallaces were coming. She even knew Logan’s name. What if Allison or Allison’s husband actually hired Martha’s husband – the plumber – to kill the family, to claim the payment for a life insurance or something like that? That could explain so much effort in fabricating the crime scene. What do you think that happened? What is your theory?

If the movie is good or bad, we will discuss that later, on the review of the film. Questions? Annotations? Doubts? Insults? The comments section is open just below this post. See you in another post of Ending Explained, here on El Sabanero X.

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      1. you look closely to when Logan is lighting the pilot in the basement and he finally gets it lit and the dude is behind his and you pause it just right you can see that this guy is a totally different guy. No resemblance to the plumber whatsoever. The plumber has a longer face with a bigger nose and is maybe in his 50s. However the guy behind Logan in the basement is at least in his late 30s early 40s. So whoever this weirdo in the basement playing games with people is he seems to be doing such things on his own time. A lot of things don’t make sense of you ask me but I know whoever is the guy is they never show him throughout the movie except in the basement after the flame hits his face slightly.

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    1. I’m sure 100% that the killer was the neighbour (Martha) as she told Naomi that she missed living in that house and after, when Logan was by the river, she passed very close to him. It must be her, otherwise how on heart she would have ‘casually’ passed next to Logan in the middle of nowhere.

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    1. just saw this movie and my tought was maybe the plumber and Martha´s husband is the same person. You see this shadow appearing in the house and it looks like a big, hefty person (presumably a man). Martha is clearly behaving very strangely, showing an unusual interest for the newcomers and the house. She is also contradicting herself (first she claims she has a husband, then she has not) which the plumber says is bcause of Alzheimer´s. If they are in fact a murdering team that could be a cover up for her strange behaviour. Also, both Martha and the plumber admit they have been there before (he has been there on several occasions).
      They are also alays around (Martha says she take walks and the plumber he is visiting Martha.) Also, when Logan escapes in the Woods Martha is there strolling in the Woods, smiling.
      The unanswered phone calls could be the dead father trying to warn his family about the evil murderous couple. As he is a ghost, they can´t hear anything. Or it could be the couple trying to scare mother and son away getting access to the house. Why would they do this? My tought is they really like the house (or maybe they hid bodies in the basement) and want to rule out the competition. Or they are just sadistic (like when the murder breaks Naomi´s fingers). Other ideas; jealous ghost husband doesn´t like his ex to date or his son to accept the new man, Martha is very religious and doesn´t approve of the dating being a widow herself. I also like the idea of the son having some kind of mental disorder, but why would he take pictures of himself sleeping?

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  1. also found the possibility of the murderer being somehow tied into Naomi’s sister. Naomi’s husband was blatantly hit by a car, seeming to me like it was on purpose. Then her sister sends them to her vacation home where she can have them finished off. That was my first thought but you also had quite a few good ones. And come on, everyone knows you can still call 911 without a SIM card!

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  2. None of these are good theories. Here’s my theory: it was a very poorly written movie and the writer had no idea who the killer was. It was a psychopath that wasn’t introduced in the story as another character.

    Me gusta

    1. and your just another shit face who doesn’t know how to keep their negative opinions to themselves. This author is trying to help someone out there who might not have understood what really went down in the movie . That doesn’t give you a free ticket to start trash talking .

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      1. that wouldn’t make sense either. why kill them. they were not part of the open house. in fact they left each time they had an open house. it would make more sense if the realtor was the one being harassed and tormented for selling the house.. or maybe the potential buyers.

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  3. if it was Martha (the one who is going crazy – lost her husband but think he’s alive). She looked like a strong lady the size of the plumber. Doesn’t take much for her to lure Chris out the house and then slit his throat.
    She always liked the house and came by during the previous open house. What if she has one if her “moments” and thought they were invading HER house?

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  4. Was I the only one who thought the hands of the person who kills Logan at the very last scene look like they belong to a black man? The man who tortured the mother was very much the hands of a light skinned person, but the hands that go to get Logan are very much of that of an African American man. Also, didn’t anyone noticed the flash of what looked like a badge when Logan’s mom was tied an being tortured? And that the 2 cops that came to the house and dismissed what they found were a white and a black cop?

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    1. meine Theorie!
      Ich dachte am Ende nämlich, dass Logan von einem Polizist gefunden wurde und das ganze überlebt. Erst als dann seine Leiche gezeigt wurde, ging mir auf, dass es sich doch um den Täter gehandelt hat.
      Dann fing ich an zu glaube, dass es die Polizisten waren oder einer von ihnen.
      Der eine Polizist sagt auch noch sowas wie Dann eine Gute Nacht, was zwar nett gemeint sein sollte, aber irgendwie kam es für mich auch leicht ironisch, sarkastisch rüber. Immerhin waren sowohl Logan als auch seine Mutter schon verängstig.
      Am Ende trägt die Person, die Logan umbringt eine (dunkel)blaue Uniform und man erkennt ein goldenes Abzeichen.
      Das würde auch erklären, warum die Polizisten nichts finden als sie das Haus durchsuchen. Natürlich wäre dadurch nicht wirklich das Motiv der Tat geklärt, aber da sie es ja alles Logan anlasten wollen, würden sie wohl kaum in Verdacht geraten.
      Von der Handlung her wären sie aber die deutlich schlechtesten Täter. Sie kommen nur in einer Szene vor und selbst Martha wäre eine durchdachtere und schlüssigere Täterin.
      Der Film hatte am Anfang echt Potenzial, aber zum Ende hin nimmt dieses ab.

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      1. I thought the same thing about the sarcastic tone of the “have a good night”!!! And you are right, the plot had everything to go well, but it really went bad at the very end. And you are right, the cops would make such bad perpetrators. I honestly thought at the end, we were going to find out the dad had major gambling debt (reference to the mother telling Logan the dad left them with nothing) and that the people after them were people trying to collect money and the people who killed the father.

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  5. Maybe the sister and her husband killed the father, sent the Mum and Logan to stay in her so called big house, but it wasn’t actually her house as when Logan and his Mum get there Logan say this I a big house, why have we never been here befor? Also I do not believe it was the sitters house as the crazy lady I’m sure said she misses that house, and when she’s was having and epersiode she freaks out and says to Logan why are you in my house what do want? Also she confesses to the Mum that she had to come back to see the house one last time and how said she was to see the for sale sign go up and how she hates the thought of strangers moving in the house. Why would you do all them and feel that way things if it was never your house. Any way I think that maybe the sister and husband hired Mathas husband to kill Logan and his mum, and I think that Nathan husband is the plumber, I think she forgets to lie about her husband being dead coz of her condition and I think the sister sent the photo of them so her husband New what they looked like. I think they took the job for a cut of the money to save the house and this is why it’s all covered up. Also I think the sister and husband took out life insurance on her sisters family that’s why you hear Logan’s Mum saying but I’m the benefactor I was his wife on the phone on the way to the house!

    Me gusta

    1. Sorry spelt a lot wrong, Maybe the sister and her husband killed the father, sent the Mum and Logan to stay in her so called big house, but it wasn’t actually her house as when Logan and his Mum get there Logan say this a big house, why have we never been here befor? Also I do not believe it was the sitters house as the crazy lady matha I’m sure said she misses that house, and when she’s was having and epersiode she freaks out and says to Logan why are you in my house what do want? Also she confesses to the Mum that she had to come back to see the house one last time and how sad she was to see the for sale sign go up and how she hates the thought of strangers moving in the house. Why would you do all them things and feel that way things if it was never your house. Any way I think that maybe the sister and husband hired Mathas husband to kill Logan and his mum, and I think that mathas husband is the plumber, I think she forgets to lie about her husband being dead coz of her condition and I think the sister sent the photo of them so her husband New what they looked like. I think they took the job for a cut of the money to save the house and this is why it’s all covered up. Also I think the sister and husband took out life insurance on her sisters family that’s why you hear Logan’s Mum saying but I’m the benefactor I was his wife on the phone on the way to the house!

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  6. Would exsplain why the plumber said his alway there as a cover up if his spotted there saying she calls him out all the time and he seemed angry saying did she tell you something different when he wasn’t asking about what Shen said regarding her husband being dead

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    1. the car that had hit Logan’s father was the same jeep at the end, it would be suspicious to me. I see an Open House 2 in our future. When I paused it at the beginning when the killer was standing in the road it was a white male so I don’t think it was the officers that came to the house, or Martha. Now I need to play it again and compare the man in the road to the plumber. I think it is a serial killer who randomly gets into people’s homes during an open house and kills them. The realtor was in the kitchen when the killer walked in so I don’t think it is him. Chris said Martha had Alzheimer’s and forgot her husband died. Which also explains her confusion thinking it was her house when she was in her night gown with Logan asking who he was. I don’t know why anyone would think it is Logan considering it shows him being killed by the person in the end. lol I kept hoping Naomi would ask her sister about Martha but that never happened.
      In a nutshell, I think it is simply a serial killer who goes to open houses for his next victim. Must be new in town since the police never alluded to this happening before. Perhaps the final scene with the open house is another town.

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  7. The sister of the mum owns a house where crazy shit happens in a town that the only trustworthy character in the movie said was a shady place and it just so happens she was selling up anyway but you can stay until we find someone? She is in on it, watch the scene with her and the mum, she comes across a bit evil.

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  8. I don’t think the driver who killed Brian would have anything to do with this. How would the driver even know about the house & that the family was moving there. Also, what’s with all the fear tactics. If someone just wanted them dead, they would just do it. The plumber looked the right height & if he was Martha’s husband, he could be taking advantage of the fact that Martha has Alzheimer.

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  9. Guys its at least 2 killers.
    Pause the movie when the 1st killer is braking Naomi’s fingers.. his hands are pale white.
    Then pause at the hands of the person whom strangles Logan. His hands are that of a darker skinned person.
    You have 2 killers here.

    Me gusta

    1. Omg I made the same point! The guy who tortured the mom is pale, the guys who kills Logan has hands that look it belong to an African American person. Also, if you pay attention when the mom is being tortured, you can see a flash of what looks like a badge. And the cops that come to the house are white and black.

      Me gusta

  10. dont think that it is 2 killers. The man in the end has dirty hands i think, and therfore i think he seems “black”. I paused the film excacly when the mother get hits and you can se a little bit of the face of the man that hits her. Yes he has something on himself whom looks like a badge, but his face dose not looks like the plumber and looks nothing like the two cops. You cant se the hole face and you dont see who its actually is, but you see that is not the plubmber or the others.. Also, the man who is doing this looks like a strong og not so skinny, you can see at his hands when he touches the mother. He have som fat, so it cant be the white cop because he is more skinny.

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  11., well maybe this has been covered before. It looked to me when the killer took Logan’s contacts out that the blurred image of the killer fit the Plumber. I dismissed the cops as suspects only for the reason that killer at the stream was wearing dark overalls that didn’t look like a cop uniform. It could well be related to the sister. If the family had been so strapped for cash why hadn’t he hit up the sister for a loan. Maybe she had, that house was worth some bucks, and all Brian had left was his life insurance. If it was the cops I doubt they would have had to bother with Logan and letting him run, they just could have shot him on the spot.

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  12. I also think that netflix dont want us to know who the killer is, because he is nobody, just a random person. If you see on the cover, the movie is called the open house, and people gets killed. So, is it possible that this killer is a serial killer who is attending at this open houses just to kill people? I dont think that naomis sister had something to do with it, because if she did somethink, there has to be some signs, some skeptics sceens or something. And we only se the sister 1 time in a whole movie. And the plumber have been there before because naomis sister and her husband lived there before? why else will they sell? But its possible that the sister knew that something creepy was happening and therfore diside to sell the house. I think it was a great movie, it was exiting (sorry my inglish), but you sit with so many questions and no answers :p i think i am going to write to netflix and ask xD

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  13. I don’t know, it was kind of sloppy. I-enjoyed the movie a lot-until the ending. They could have done so much more. And Carlos Mario Castro, the truck that Chris was in, the driver side door was closed when Logan came outside, not open as you stated. But thas okay, it must have been a-difficult article to write.
    I wonder what that woman who’s husband died and then was alive, what part if any did she play in the the end when Logan was hiding behind the fallen tree (or whatever it was)? I remember that she said her property was just on the other side of the woods. But i was also suspicious because she was-walking through the woods with that crazy/guilty smile on-her face. I-know she wasn’t a murderer because it was a male judging by the size of his hands and feet.
    Personally, i loved it until they offered no ending and now i feel like i was cheated just for watching it. I had a lot invested in that flick, like turning the lights on when i got scared, and several other scary scenes….i like movies with some order, like answers!!

    Me gusta

  14. This movie really isn’t as complicated as it is being made to seem. It is called The Open House for a reason, meaning there are multiple people (strangers) who visit open houses on a regular basis. There is no way to tell who the killer is as it was left open for a possible sequel, and for the murderer to do it all over again. The writers had to place the characters in a house that was going to be sold in order for the events and eventual murders to take place. The fathers death was just a way for the writers to do this and add a little twist. It’s really not a complicated movie, and depending on its success and the viewers need to see who the killer was, a sequel might explain it if there is another open house.

    Me gusta

  15. off it can’t be Martha . This movie was bad from beginning to end. They leave the city in the daytime, drive until dark where they almost run over the killer who is standing in the road. Shortly after they get to the market where they meet Martha, who also seems to be a customer. They get to the house and it’s daylight. How far is this damn market? Once there Logan decides to explore the house and the basement where it seems he may have discovered that someone had been in there. That first night Logan gets woken by noises, goes downstairs where he sees headlights from a vehicle through the window and for some reason closes the blinds before going to check it out. Of course by the time he gets outside ( 3 second walk to the door), the vehicle is gone but wingnut Martha is there and she is asking what they are doing on “their” property before she flees back to her actual property (implying Martha does not live alone or knows the person who should be there). But giving someone Alzheimer’s in a movie is a good way to throw people off since you are unsure if there is any truth in Martha’s delusional state.
    Skip to the open house where the killer steps foot into the house. Skip then to logan and mom meeting Chris the store owner (daytime) who tells them it’s nice to see new faces in town (implying they are the only new people in town Which means either the murderer is someone from town that people know or someone they have not actually seen because he is a stranger who has been hiding out in the house and knows the layout of every inch of the place.. skip to Logan and his mom returning that night ( which again implies that town is far from the house which is why it would be easily explained that no one knows the killer or has ever seen him. He could have easily stayed in that house without anyone knowing since he would be undisturbed except for Sunday’s during the open house ). . And blah blah blah the list goes on. Basement door opening while they watch a movie, cereal bowl moved from bedroom to living room , noises in The basement. Obviously the killer knows the layout of the house better than them which means he’s been there longer than them. Again, bad movie and hopefully a sequel will shed light . But then again, if you watch the beginning when the sisters are in the back yard and she is offering the house for them to,stay at, watch the gate behind the mom. A guy in black walks by quickly and appears to be looking towards them. I should this a random person walking by, a mistake in the movie, or is he supposed to be the murderer…….

    Me gusta

  16. forget one single element: the shock at Logan’s head at the end. BTW, you also forgot that, in less than half a second, we saw killer’s short brown/black hair. It was when Naomi was getting her fingers broken.
    IMHO: Brian’s debts led them to their end. But mafia’s theory has a problem: “dead man tell no tales” or, in this case, “dead man don’t pay their debts”.
    IMHO too the killer could only be trying to make sure no one would buy houses in the town, making sure houses would’nt be worth a penny.

    Me gusta

    1. I think the murderer is Brians boss, Jim! If you remember at the start of the film when Brian and Naomi are arguing in the kitchen, Brian says he’d ask his boss when he is in a better mood, to which Naomi says he’s always in a bad mood. ( We never heard much about life before Brian died and I think this might have been a clue.) At the funeral a family member/friend says I guess the driver had a heart attack( unsure how the accident happened.) Then at the back gate when the two sisters are talking, you can see someone hanging around, he could of quite easily of heard about going to the mountain house, that it’s just her and her son and that the house is for sale with the open house. The killer is clearly following them and thats why he’s in the middle of the road but still makes it back to the house before they do (as they stop off at the market.) Logan says to Chris that it feels personal and I swear that when Naomi was getting her fingers broke, when the killer came in, she gave a second look like she recognised him. (I could just be reading to much into this, I am aware lol! It’s not a well explained story) The photograph of Brian, Naomi and Logan seems to be thrown about a bit (in the bin and in the photos taken by the killer next to Naomi’s face as she sleeps.) Brian was a plumber so the plumber that came round must have been Jim, his boss. Maybe, Jim got rid of Brian because of the money issues and maybe the business wasn’t doing so well and then maybe he though Logan saw something and decided to kill them to keep quiet. I doesn’t explain the ending scene when you see the car go to another open house unless that’s his alibi.

      Me gusta

  17. Everyone is wanting to believe there is more to this movie. In reality the budget was so low for what they were trying to achieve with the movie, that a solid storyline couldn’t be achieved. The title says it all and it is clear that you get what the budget of the movie would allow. This is about an open house serial killer, whom at the end goes to another house with an “open house” sign. Brian didn’t owe money to the mafia (lol), the sister wasn’t trying to kill her sister and nephew, it wasn’t the police or even the plumber. It was a movie of unfortunate events that led to Logan and his mother being at this house in the first place. The real story begins when they get to the house, not before, so all theories of Brian should be killed off just like he was. The actor who played Brian should be grateful he was killed off so soon because after he died the movie went down hill…fast.

    Me gusta

  18. You mention that the killer removed Logan’s contacts and then lets him go. The killer in the movie removes Logan’s contacts at the very stream that Logan takes a drink from. Then you say he lets him go. There is discrepancy here. The contacts were removed at the stream. Logan’s body is seen later dead lying near a tree. The killer is never shown choking Logan. That is just an assumption. There are no obvious marks on the dead body, no blood from shots or stab wounds. I can see where Logan could have frozen to death. If he had been choked at the stream, left for dead, then recovered enough to get up, I don’t see where he could have gone very far before succumbing to the cold. What would be the point of removing the contacts and then letting Logan go? That just added torture to what has gone before in the movie. The shock alone of Logan accidentally stabbing his mother to death would have been enough to send Logan careening senselessly outside to escape the killer. The killer just had to follow him, until he collapsed from exhaustion, which the killer did.

    Me gusta

    1. This website won’t allow me to add another post for some reason. So I am adding this as a response to my post.

      I have responded once before and realize I made an error in my response. I have reviewed the film once again. Logan’s contacts were removed in the house, not at the stream as I mistakenly commented on in that post.

      I believe from what I have observed that the killer is one person, not two. One responder mentions the darker hands of the killer by the stream suggesting that the killer is black. In the scene of him leaning over Logan by the stream, the killer is in shadow making his hands darker. He has more hair than the plumber as clearly shown in the profile of his head when he walks by Dylan’s bathroom door. He is always in shadow when shown, but when he broke Naomi’s fingers his hands are clearly that of a white person.

      I believe this serial killer carefully searches out “open houses” that have the seller, or another party in residence. Once he selects his prey, he gains access to the premises, he studies their behavior looking for things that can be combined to make the killing look like one of the residents is the perpetrator. He has the whole United States as his killing field. He chooses very carefully, so that in each murder he leaves no trace of himself.

      In this case he studies mother and son. He learns of the father’s death and discovers the son is angry with his mother for moving them away from their home and his school. In one scene Logan wishes Naomi had died instead of his father. Everything the killer does is calculated to torture his victims. Moving personal items, leaving a door open which had been closed, which Naomi passes by and doesn’t even notice. The table set for three with candles and music reopening the fresh wound of a father who would never be able to enjoy a family dinner with them again. Getting into bed while Naomi is sleeping and then when she realizes he is there, makes his move and subdues her. Luring Logan outside at night to Chris and his car, only to find Chris with his throat slit. I believe the killer had to kill Chris as he was befriending the family and was becoming a problem. The killer then sneaks up behind a stunned Logan and knocks him out striking Logan’s head against the side window of the car. The killer than pours water over Logan and leaves Logan lying unconscious out in the freezing weather. He then lures Logan down to the basement with his mother’s screams and then pushes Naomi towards Logan impaling her on the knife in Logan’s hand. The same knife the killer left up in the bedroom where Naomi was tied and tortured. He then follows a traumatized Logan and before Logan can leave the house, forces him to the floor and removes his contacts, after which, he lets Logan get away half blind.

      The film never shows the killer ending Logan’s life. It shows him leaning over and reaching for Logan. The next scene show Logan’s dead body lying by the tree near the same stream. When Logan first became aware of the killer he tried to move away from him ending with his head near stream. Logan’s dead body has the head located up next to the tree. It’s obvious the killer re-positioned Logan’s body after death. People who die of hypothermia go to sleep in one of the last stages. People sleep with their eyes closed. This scene clearly shows Logan’s eyes are open. There are no visible marks on his throat due to strangling. Maybe the killer pinched Logan’s nose shut and covered his mouth suffocating him. Who knows. The killer found some means of killing Logan without leaving a mark on his body.

      The killer set it up to look like an angry and hurt Logan killed his mother and Chris as well because Chris had stumbled in on the killing. The killer sent a blinded Logan out in the cold making it look like a remorseful kid had run out into the cold to escape what he had done leading to his eventual death by hypothermia.

      This killer makes these murders his living. It clearly shows him seeking out another open house, at the end of the film, as a potential kill zone.

      As for the insurance being involved I can see where viewers would get the impression that this murder was set up as a means for the sister to collect the insurance on her sister and son’s deaths. Martha certainly doesn’t make a very good accomplice to a killer. Her husband has less hair then the killer we only see fully in shadow. A good scene to use as a case point is Martha doing a “nightly” stroll in the woods. There is poor, partially frozen, Logan hiding under a fallen tree, as she passes by, stops and stares at the sky like a loon before continuing on. Chris just doesn’t fit a killer’s profile. Neither does the young assistance who works with the real estate agent. I don’t see the two police men as being potential killers either.

      I think the film makers included all these scenarios pointing to other potential people as the perpetrator to muddy the waters so to speak.

      Me gusta

  19. Okay. So, after hours of thinking, I believe I have figured it out. It was the plumber AND Martha’s husband. They’re the same person.
    Think about this for a moment…When Martha comes back with the shortbread, she uses a plural tense saying “We came to see the house one last time”, this also indicates that they (she and her hubby) had been there multiple times. Then, after Logan vomits in the road, she says something to them about how Death seems to live with you and follow you around, which is essentially what the killer had been doing for a week (?). But that’s not all. When the Plumber arrives, he says “I’ve been here before”. He knows where the water heater is and seems to know the house at least somewhat well, indicating that he had been there more than once. But who the Hell needs a plumber multiple times? Ya following me?
    Now, motive. I’m still working on this part, but it never says how Martha’s husband dies. Somehow Brian (Logan’s dad) could have owed him money or something else relating to that?
    The driver could have something to do with something, but we never saw that car again, and if the driver had their hand positioned on the bottom of the steering wheel (or even in a few other positions), then it wouldn’t have swerved during the heart attack.

    Me gusta

  20. BUT you forgetting that the man that hits naomi has dark /brown hair. Because you can see a little bit of his face in that sceene. The plumber had light hair or something? dont remember if he had hair or it just were very thin.

    But i feel like.. everybody in that movie, or everybody in that city was weird. Martha was weird, Jed? or what his name was, and the other man, the black man dont rember his name either… haha, and the plumber.. its seems like it was something in this crowd..

    Me gusta

  21. think the plumber was Martha’s husband, he said she has Alzheimer’s so she could have easily said he was dead.
    I think they were living in the house without anyone knowing while it was for sale. She said why are you in my house when Logan found her outside that night. Also she said they wanted to see the place one more time when they went to the open house. I feel the killer was the plumber/husband and they wanted “their house” back

    Me gusta

  22. thought that a lot more could have been done with the movie. however my theory is that the famliy was soo in debt that the father made deals / borrowed money from the wrong people, couldnt pay it back and they took his life for non payment. The mom even said the dad was bad with money maybe gambling? maybe thats why she didnt show emotions for the death of her husband ( as stated by logan) because she knew that this day would eventually come. And in the end they killed the rest of his family as well for non payment.

    Me gusta

  23. I say Martha had a lunatic son whom enjoy torturing people, or that house was hers once and she lost it when her husband died, her son is making sure the house stays empty.

    Me gusta

  24. There is a lot of information we must not forget when coming up with a theory about this movie. For example, what were the mother and father talking about before he went to buy eggs and died? (Btw, why did he forget the milk??), what was behind that barricaded tunnel in the basement?, why did Martha poison Logan with that banana bread? (my theory – as Logan was vomiting the morning after we assume he had some, and Martha was there to ‘help’), what happened exactly the second time Logan and his mother left the house because of a viewing when her sister called to say that the house had been broken into – how did the realtor know, (as it was not evident)? and why did Logan seem scared one time when he went for a walk and looked at the woods (I rewound the movie to see but honestly there was nothing there). This is definitely a strange movie with too many questions and too few possibilities. I will now start working on my theory by watching it again and looking closely to each and every detail!

    Me gusta

  25. love a good horror film and/or thriller. What makes them good is when people act logically and do things real people would do…yet still get jammed up.
    What is troublesome about this film is that the mother and son didn’t do things or pay attention to things that were amiss.
    1) You are driving at night and a gigantic man is standing on the side of the road in all black – you do NOT stop on the road and have an anxiety attack (especially when you did NOT hit him). You keep it moving!
    2) You plug your phone in the charger and put your cereal bowl down (both in your bedroom) and your phone disappears and your bowl of cereal is found in the livingroom – Get out! But, even if you don’t….
    3) You are taking a shower, the water goes cold. You learn the water heater is off. You turn it on. You take a shower, the water goes cold and learn the water heater has been TURNED off, the pilot light has NOT been blown out, the dial has ACUTALLY been TURNED OFF! You…GET da fukc OUT! But, even if you for some strange reason, take another shower, because even though the first two times you were NOT covered in soap and you really are clean and you just have to take a shower again, when the water goes off and your son goes down and sees the dial has been TURNED OFF (the pilot light wasn’t simply blown out), you slowly, gather your purse and grab your son’s hand and you get into your truck and DRIVE OFF! Even if you are in your towel and soaking wet!!!
    LIke, this really bothered me. This becomes a non-thinking person’s movie, and the behavior is not realistic.
    4) You are out and you learn that the Real Estate agent says someone broke into your house, you go home and NO police are there! A) why didn’t the real estate agent call the police?! B) you come home, find a crazy set-up, call the police and then you SLEEP in the house and ACTUALLy think it is OK to stay…with your child (even if he is a teenager)!!!!!!! GET OUT!
    This, again, is too much. You would not sleep in this house. Something is very wrong here. This becomes a frustrating movie, because no one is acting realistically. No one is using common sense and a great horror movie doesn’t have to rely on people being stupid.
    We all saw the movie, Chucky. That little boy (especially) and his mother acted realistically. They ran and fought and sometimes none of it mattered, but they didn’t do dumb things.
    5) When Logan found his mother tied up, he did NOT need to find a phone. He and she both needed to push dead-a$$ Chris out of the car and get out. Even if they had to run down the road and fight for their lives. You do not go deep down into the house looking for a phone line.
    When movies ask us to dumb-down, it becomes insulting and looses the audience.
    Also, I wasn’t expecting the ending to be so torturous. I had to skip the finger breaking. It went left real quick and became a bit sick.
    Netflix has and can do better.

    Me gusta

  26. I think Martha’s husband is the plumber and the killer. He’s just a psycho and after killing Chris, Naomi and Logan he went to the next house to do it again and presumably has done it before. The storyline with Logan’s father being killed was just storyline to create circumstance.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  27. I have 2 thoughts on who the killer may be:
    1) I think the plumber who was fixing the heater down in the basement would be thought to be the killer and Martha’s unknown husband due to the fact that he has been in the house several times and not been killed and also because he would’ve seen the man hiding down there. He also mentioned that Martha didn’t have a husband when Martha accidentally said she did have a husband to Naomi and Logan.
    2) The 2 policemen that came to check the house. It’s quiet impossible to miss a fairly large man hiding in the basement. It’s a pretty unique thought but I think it’s a fairly good one. The police officer that said he checked the basement could be lying or could be the man that was hiding.

    Me gusta

  28. Martha is so creepy, and she seems to have a strange attachment to the house, like she doesn’t want anyone else to live there. She said her and her husband came to the open house to see the place one more time before it sells and new people aren’t likely to let them in. Maybe they owned the house at one point. Then there was the part where Martha was on the property and all confused and not knowing Logan. I thought Martha was the killer due to the fact that she didn’t want anyone living in the house. Husband or not, we don’t see him in the movie. The movie doesn’t show the whole person so why couldn’t it be Martha? Some of the things mentioned I don’t remember seeing, I didn’t like the movie much. Endings to movies are really strange these days.

    Me gusta

  29. Just watched the movie a second time to see if I missed any clues. I started by eliminating the possible killers:
    1) Logan – cannot be him because there is a picture of him sleeping in the camera
    2) The 2 policemen – I thought it was them because there are two killers, the white one who breaks Naomi’s fingers and the black one who finds Logan at the end of the movie – but when Logan finds Naomi tied up with her fingers broken and he says “we have to call the cops”, Naomi doesn’t say no because they’re the intruders, instead she says “we don’t have a phone here” or something like that
    3) Martha and her husband (the plumber) – At first Martha says that her husband died a few years back, then she says that she and someone else went to the open house before it was sold, then the plumber says that Martha’s husband had died a few months back and her Alzheimer had also started a few months back – so that was very confusing and suspicious. I eliminated this couple of killers because the killers had to be a black person and a white person.
    4) The driver who killed Brian – I eliminated that person because the car that killed Brian was not the same one which at the end took the route to another open house.

    So where does that leave us? Only two plausible explanations:
    1) Martha’s husband/the plumber with the help of the black cop/friend
    2) A crazy open house serial killer (the black guy who killed Logan at the end could have been a hallucination or else the black cop, who was in on everything)
    Any thoughts?

    Me gusta

  30. It wasn’t the plumber! I paused the movie when the killer grabs the mom and I can assure you it wasn’t any of the actors that appeared in the entire movie. It only leaves us with Martha’s husband, a psychopath, or a person who was hired by someone.

    Me gusta

  31. was the ghost of Logan’s father. Only a person who knew Logan wore contact lenses, and hated Chris for hovering around Noamy. He repeats the words his father used to say: “Run, Logan, run”. But yes, it may be Logan himself, projected as dad. No one but Logan and his father knew these words.

    Me gusta

  32. The man watching Logan in the first scenes–behind him in the basement, walking across his room and watching him from the corner, is a bald man perfectly fitting the description of the plumber. Whoever walked into the open house that day with the boots was well known because the rude real estate agent didn’t acknowledge him and it seemed she would act that way to someone she knew, but certainly would have greeted a potential buyer. The man who got into bed with Naomi clearly had hair and was a different man. There are two killers. The final scene the car seems to have two men in it and for some reason stops for a moment to possibly let the passenger out into the shadows, then pulls up the road with only the driver.

    Me gusta

    1. I could have sworn that while Logan’s mother was being tortured in the chair there was a short clip of the front of the killer’s body, and it look like there might have been a badge. Is this possible?

      Me gusta

  33. Likely the plumber who is the son of Martha. Martha’s husband died a few months ago. Naomi’s sister bought the house for cheap and never lived there. She is flipping the house to make a quick profit. The plumber son is not happy they lost the house so is trying to ensure no one else moves back in. Is the sign at the end for a different open house or the same house just further down the road?

    Me gusta

  34. So what’s the point of someone breaking in the house to set up the table with candles? Why someone planning a killing would want to bring attention that way.
    I’m more confused with the ending. I didn’t really enjoyed th ending

    Me gusta

  35. Another clue is the music.If you noticed when the plumber comes to fix the water heater, the music played for that scene is the same music played in all the other scenes where the killer makes his presence.So I think it is this serial killer posing as a plumber.He was in the house messing with the heater,so that he could come back into the house during he day and size up the situation closely,getting a closer look at his victims.

    Me gusta

  36. It was the mom. Remember when logan and dad went to grocery store logan’s dad forgot to buy the milk!!!! And mom had made comment before he left that he had forgotten items last time he went to store for her! So likely she was cheating on him with the mortician who put a fresh cadaver at the wheel afer he ran down dad. Then decided to take out frustration on son since he loved his dad and prob resembled him and had a penis (she a feminazi).

    Then when she was at the store again later in film she sees the milk again, internalizes another breakdown and decides her son needs to die but needs alibi. Calls mortician lover yada yada logan and chris dead but mortician alive and likely mom still alive cuz one stAb wound to upoer abdomen prob not serious with that little knife.

    Btw the knife changes from a skinny serrated blade to a fatter straight blade lart way through so wth is that about but whatever movie sucked and im just venting.

    Me gusta

  37. Facts

    – when mum is being tortured u can almost see the guys face and it looks like he has a badge on, his hands when breaking her fingers are stumpy and white
    – in the middle of the movie the mum and son are driving to the new house for the first time and nearly run over a guy standing in the middle of the road, this guy if u pause it straight after the son picks up his mum’s phone, matches the body type of the killer that attacks mum and son.
    -at the end when the son is murdered the killer could be a second person/accomplice as this person’s hands are black.
    -plumber found phone and new house and Martha from next door

    Potentially could Chris be faking his death and be in on it with the plumber and his wife Martha, Chris does go wondering through the house and disappears (who does that)

    I do think they lead it to make it seem like it’s personal, like they are being stalked not because of the house but because of who they are…could the dad’s death be linked??? Maybe

    Me gusta

  38. I don’t think it’s complex like the mom or son had a psychological break down. There were pictures of them both while they were sleeping, and they both die in the end. I do think it is important to note that the cops stated they would be back in the morning. They show the house after everyone is dead, but the cops still had not arrived.

    I feel like the director didn’t know if they wanted to make this a slasher or paranormal movie, and then just ran out of a budget.

    Me gusta

  39. I think it is a serial killer. The whole point of never reveiling the killer’s face and leaving the ending so open is that serial killers rarely get caught. They commit vicious, often torturous murders of seemingly random victims. We are not intended to know who killed them. We are meant to be left in the dark just like usually happens in serial murder cases.

    Me gusta

  40. This is the only comment section I have found where people are even discussing the movie instead of just calling it the worst movie ever and really thinking it’s just a killer who is torturing people from open house to open house. My belief is that it is Martha’s husband. And for that to be true, either the plumber is her husband, or he’s an idiot.

    I thought i’d add a few random points that nobody has mentioned yet.

    A few about Martha:
    Martha has Alzheimers? I think this could be a lie because of two things. When they meet Martha it’s at the store. She remembers both of their names and faces which would be pretty impressive for anybody. Also, I think that could have been a staged meeting where she wanted to meet them, and used the whole I lost my husband thing to also kind of relate to them and befriend them first. I also think when she drops the cornbread off(or whatever bread it was I forgot), she kind of just goofs about her husband.

    Speaking of the bread she brought. I think it was poisoned, either by her or her husband. I say that because this is possibly what makes Logan sick the next day when he goes on a timed run, after easily breezing through his other runs. It’s back to back scenes and makes sense. Also possibly sleeping stuff for when they took pics.

    Also, what about the plumber being her son?

    What about Chris saying “I would kill to have a house like this”? Kind of a movie line maybe making us think he’s the killer, or possibly something that could mean more?

    Also, a last point curve ball unlikely to be true theory I thought of: This could be a town that just wants nothing to do with new people moving there.

    People are saying there could be a sequel, and well I doubt it with how many people hate this movie. And also it wouldn’t be a guy just going around to open houses killing people. That wasn’t what this movie was. If there was a sequel though, you could make a case for Naiomi living and her putting the pieces together, would be harder to make a case for Logan being alive.

    The biggest part of the movie that makes me wonder at this point is the crumbled up picture in the garbage. Clearly could have just been another thing to scare them out of the house, but could mean a few things regarding the family and their secrets.

    I don’t care what people think about this movie though. It surely makes you think.

    Me gusta

  41. is what I think. There are three times in the movie where you actually see the killer. In the beginning, you see his black shoes walk slowly into the open house. Later, when the son goes down to the basement to light the pilot lite, you see a flash of the mans face behind him, Caucasian man, blonde hair, looks to be in his late 30’s. He has chest buttons on his coat which leads me to think he’s either in the police force or possibly a security cop. You see his face after the son accidentally stabs the mother, and last but not least, you assume he is the one driving the truck, in the end, going to the next open house. He pulls over, sits in the shadow of the street, probably looking at a map (so the murders are premeditated) and he makes his turn into the next open house. All of this leads me to believe he’s a serial killer.

    Me gusta

  42. It was the debt. Logan’s dad was murdered and somehow the wife was taken off as executer of the estate. That means it was more than likely related to the sister.

    Me gusta

    1. I see as a simple plot. Martha was upset when Logan and mom arrived to the house…asking why they were there etc. She and hubby were staying in the house illegally. They wanted them gone. End of story…the movie was good up until the end. Poor writing with not a lot of thought put in to the ending.

      Me gusta

  43. How about not far into the movie on Logans first night he goes outside and Martha is there in her nightwear and says get out of my house what are you doing in my house….

    Me gusta

    1. Why doesn’t he refer to her or act like he knows her, or when telling his mom, it was like some random lady he never saw. Was it Martha, it was my first thought till everything led me to think it was some random woman.

      I guess once Open House 2 gets release and we see the killer is just random and the second movie has no tie to the first except a common serial killer.

      Me gusta

  44. noticed when the two cops spoke to Naomi and Logan the white cop was doing all the talking and the black cop seemed to remain silent, just staring at the two of them. I couldn’t help but feel like the black cop was hiding something.Also, the real estate guy in the beginning was pretty sketchy.The killer definitely fit the plumber’s physique but it’s possible there was two or even multiple killers in the movie. Everyone is a suspect, Martha(could be faking her Alzheimers) the police seemed pretty sketchy, the plumber and the real estate people could have all been in on this.

    Me gusta

  45. very significant detail that some may have missed – we first see this creepy killer standing in the road, and Naomi almost hits him with her car. It really looks like the killer was expecting them. He knew they were heading that way, so stood there waiting. It was likely a quiet road that got no traffic because they were heading up into the mountains, so was not a random event, he was specifically waiting for them that evening.
    The only ones that knew of their plans to head that way were the strange neighbor (Martha) and Naomi’s sister/her family.
    Scenario 1) Martha (the neighbor) made a creepy comment that was very telling… “once death moves in it never leaves” as well as a comment about her seeing the house for the last time, before someone bought it. It’s very possible that Martha did not want anyone buying that house because she didn’t want any neighbors. It’s possible she planned the whole thing, to terrorize Naomi and Logan. Maybe Martha had a son (we only see the killer’s hands in the end scenes) and his hands look like he was in his 50’s, so he could’ve been Martha’s son. Maybe he was living with her, and he was the one doing all the terrorizing. Noone would want to buy that house if they knew murders had been committed there. Maybe that was the plan, to scare off buyers.
    Scenario 2) Naomi’s sister (and her husband) would’ve been the only others that knew of Naomi staying at the house. Since the man standing in the road was already expecting them, he could only have known of their plans to be there, either through Martha (the neighbor) or Naomi’s sister. Is it possible that Naomi’s husband died at the hands of her own family? In the beginning, the car charging towards Logan’s dad looked intentional, like someone was out to kill him. And then after his death, that creepy man sets out to kill Naomi and Logan, the remaining 2. Could it be that Naomi’s sister or sister’s husband set out to kill them and used the “open house” as an opportunity to cover up the crime? It would be the perfect plan.
    Scenario 3) Naomi and family were having money issues, as the opening scene shows her looking at a final warning bill. Is it possible that Naomi had her husband killed, so she could collect on a life insurance (which she later discovered she would get nothing!) Notice that she sent him to the store, so knew where he would be. Is it possible that whoever knew what she had done then set out for revenge, to kill her and Logan.
    Scenario 4) If the driver (who killed Logan’s dad) also died, maybe one of his family members was out for revenge and set out to kill anyone connected with the death of the driver. Could be the killer was the son of the driver that died.
    Scenario 5) It was just some random psychopath that was going around to open houses, looking to terrorize people. He could’ve just killed them on day 1, but he prolonged it and made their suffering slow, which makes it personal or just a psychopath that likes to play games. For example, taking Logan’s contact lenses out and letting him run for his life. That is torture. In the ending scene, we see a car heading up a driveway of another open house (presumably it was the killer) looking for his next target? I think we’re to presume that, since this is how the movie ended.
    Scenario 6) When Naomi almost hit the man on the road but then kept on driving, maybe he took revenge on her and Logan (I don’t think this is plausible as it seemed he was there waiting and expecting her)
    I think it’s scenario 1, 2 or 3. The killer didn’t set out to kill anyone else – not Martha (the neighbor) or anyone else, only Naomi and Logan (and of course the guy that slept on their couch that night, because he was an obstacle), but Naomi and Logan were a target, so there must have been a reason. Naomi’s sister didn’t have any issues when she stayed at the home, and neither did Martha (the neighbor) ever encounter any problems. Naomi and Logan were targeted solely by this killer.

    Me gusta

  46. It is certainly a cop at the end that kills Logan. If you pause exactly at the scene where they show the killers body approaching Logan by the river, you can see he has a cop uniform. He has a badge, a belt with holster and buttons from cop uniform.

    Me gusta

  47. Am I the only one thinking that, in the last scene, it is not the killer driving that car but just a random family going to the same open house? And the killer is waiting for them just like he did for Naomi and Logan?

    One more detail that you guys may have missed. When the plumber is in the house to fix the pipe, Logan is using his laptop and listening to a specific song, the same one played by the killer when Logan was trying to save his mom. This makes me believe it is the plumber.

    Me gusta

  48. Guys, a lot of you are on to something, but haven’t quite found it yet. So here it comes:

    Let’s start out with the fact that Martha is definitely involved, in one way or the other. She turns up twice nightly, in threatening situations and whatever her mental state may be, she clearly has an attachment to the house that is more than just neighbourly. However, for obvious reasons it can’t have been her.

    Neither can the plumber have been her husband or son, since Naomi presumably got his contact from her sister. That rules out the possibility of him being Marthas husband-in-hiding, let alone her son. And anyhow, Naomi and the plumber must have talked on the phone beforehand, leaving an obvious electronic trail. Surely after the murders, the police would also find his fingerprints and DNA in parts of the house and view him as a suspect. It would have been idiotic for the actual murderer to reveal himself openly that way.

    Therefore, we need another man who must in some way be closely connected to Martha: Her brother.

    Both of them must once have shared part of their childhood growing up in the house. At some point in their childhood they were evicted and the house sold, doubtlessly a traumatic experience for these kids. Now they want revenge, on the relatives of those people who (in their view unjustly) bought their house and are now selling it again. Probably the brother isn’t even a resident of the area but simply decided to act when he found out that the place was for sale. I would assume that Martha wasn’t even aware of his plans, though he must have stayed at her place for a couple of days while the film’s action played out. This also explains Martha’s weird bahviour. While she’s definitely confused she senses that something unusual is going on and it sometimes bursts out of her. Moreover, she follows her brother twice on his nightly outings, the first time when he scared Logan with his car, the second time on the night of the killings, when she almost stumbles upon Logan hiding in the forest. So her being there is neither due to simply chance nor does it really incriminate her.

    On amore general note, I don’t really like films that end without any resolution, even if I enjoy a good speculation. Thoughts?

    Me gusta


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