Videos X ^ The Seven Kingdoms, Explained.

The Seven Kingdoms is the fictional realm where most of the Game of Thrones action takes place.

Highly inspired on medieval Europe (specially on medieval BritainThe Seven Kingdoms is certainly a very inspiring name for a country, but surely not one very accurate for this story because

1) This country is made of nine, not seven regions, and
2) All of these regions are more like lordships, not kingdoms

The nine official regions of the Seven Kingdoms are in decreasing order of area :

1) The North
2) The Reach
3) Dorne
4) The Riverlands
5) The Vale
6) The Stormlands
7) The Westerlands
8) The Crownlands
9) and The Iron Islands.


But before we move forward, we must make something very clear, even though THE SEVEN KINGDOMS is on Westeros, Westeros is not JUST THE SEVEN KINGDOMS and that’s because we haven’t included this part of the continet: The Lands Beyond The Wall, an always frozen territory that remains mostly uncharted.

Each one of the nine regions of the Seven Kingdoms is ruled by a Great Lord, with the only exception of The Crownlands that is ruled by the Kings of the Seven Kingdoms themselves.

The Seven Kingdoms take its name after the Seven Kingdoms that used to exist in Westeros back in the day, Seven Kingdoms that were forced to changed its trade mark and terms thanks to the Targaryen Conquest.

Those seven kingdoms can be listed as it follows:

1) The King in the North of House Stark.
2) The King of the Mountain of House Arryn.
3) The King of the Isles and the Rivers of House Hoare.
4) The King of the Rock of House Lannister.
5) The King of the Reach of House Gardener.
6) The Storm King, of House Durrandon.
7) And the Prince of Dorne,of House Martell.

We could explain why some of these houses just lost its royal statuses, while others went extinct, but keeping in mind this videos got long enough now, we’ll save that information for another time.

Nota: Este fue un experimento para mi canal de YouTube (experimento que al parecer no le fue muy bien), es la segunda publicación que hago en inglés, y al igual que la primera, se trata de situaciones muy atípica. Mi blog seguirá siendo en español como siempre lo ha sido en sus seis años de existencia, así que espero que todos sigan sintonizados.

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