Ambulance ^ Ending Explained

What would you do if the only way to save a life is by committing a crime? Is it worth risking your life, and lives of innocent people to save just one person? Would you sacrifice someone you love, for doing the right thing?

The above are the main questions around Michael Bay (Bad Boys, Armaggedon, Transformers) drives Ambulance, a fairly effective mix of action, chases and yes, even some drama. Now, if in the midst of the shootings, the betrayals, the medical procedures and the personal traumas you are wondering what the heck was going on, do not worry, right now and without further ado, we’re going to deeply analize Ambulance!

1 ^ What is the story of Danny and Will? Why are they brothers if one is white and the other is black?

Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) are actually orphans. Or at least their biological parents did not take care of them, leaving them in the U.S. child protection system, where a cruel bank robber they identify as LT adopted them, more with the intention of training them as help for his operations, than as sons as such. However, the two boys formed a bond of brotherhood.

Over time, however, a difference developed between the two. When LT died – apparently in a situation where Will and Danny had to choose between them and him – Danny decided to continue with the business of LT and Will, decided to go to fight with the army, to change his focus on life. Will eventually married and started a family, with the problem that his daughter had a fatal disease, whose only hope was an experimental treatment not covered by insurance.

2 ^ What’s the problem with Cam?

As Cam (Eiza González) told Danny, when she started on Medicine School, she managed to complete 3 years, after which she started using. She lost everything and once she tried to get her life back, the conviction that she should pay for ruining her own life prevented her from having meaningful relationships, like the one she had with Collin Waters. Cam is aware of this issue, because within her phone contacts, there is a psychiatrist. However, she does little to nothing to fix this problem, because -as she tells Emt- on his first day, she doesn’t like to get attached to anyone at all. Neither with his co-workers, nor with his patients. The only thing she has in mind is to fully fulfill his tasks and his work, which she believes, is the only thing she can do to fulfill her karma.

3 ^ What was Danny’s plan and why did he need Will?

Danny and his army of thieves had the goal to steal 32 million dollars from the Federal Bank, in downtown Los Angeles. The plan was to subdue the employees, take the money, take it to Randazzo’s vehicle, flee and then distribute the money. Danny had reason to distrust his team, as all of them were extremely unstable and would not hesitate to kill him just to have a better chance to run away and escape. Danny needed Will, because he knew that he could protect him, and it was precisely because of that, that the Hell’s Doors were opened.

4 ^ What went wrong in the robbery? Why did Will shoot Zach?

Officer Zach was simply interested in asking out Kim, one of the Federal Bank workers, and his partner, Officer Mark, encouraged him to do so. Zach entered the bank, and realizing what was happening, he indirectly alerted the police who immediately closed the building. Zach, trying to be of use in taking down the criminals, attempted to subdue Danny, and Will shot him.

5 ^ Why didn’t the LAPD just blow the Ambulance’s tires?

Well, because then we wouldn’t have a movie. But hey, the script was a bit bold in trying to logically explain this gap. The police were trying to protect Zach’s life and to some extent Cam’s. Cam were in position in the bank building, after Mark’s emergency call, but once on the way, Danny and Will kidnapped her, leaving Emt out of the vehicle.

According to the film, the Los Angeles Police could not afford to provoke a situation in which two innocent people could die in front of the entire country, since the persecution was on national TV.

6 ^ Why did Will save Zach and Cam?

Will helped Cam do Zach’s bullet removal surgery, after which the internal bleeding stopped and she was able to stabilize him until the end of the film when he was treated at a specialized medical center. Likewise, Will also saved them both from being taken by Papi (A Martinez), who demanded them as insurance against the police. Of course Papi’s intention was to abandon them and use them as a decoy while they escaped.

7 ^ Why did Danny and Will go to Papi? What was his plan?

Because the police literally had them surrounded. The only way was to confuse the Police about which ambulance they were requesting and in the midst of the confusion to flee, now to another country, because they were already fully identified.

Danny offered Papi 8 million dollars, of the 16 he still had, to get a fleet of ambulances out, and to help get his own, painted a different color, for what they needed Castro. But Papi also added an ambulance with a bomb to neutralize the police. When this happened the brothers were to report to Papi, who demanded the two hostages, which Will refused. When Papi found out about the death of his right-hand man, Roberto, Danny and Will teamed up to take down the team of criminals. And run away… again.

8 ^ Why did Cam shoot Will?

Well, Cam already knew that Danny or Papi wanted to get rid of her, now that they were safe and sound, the only option she seemed to have was to run away, but if someone stopped her, she would be lost, so when she saw the door of the ambulance opened, the windows being covered by green paint, she didn’t realize it was Will, and she fired. Danny asked Cam to save her brother, while he was driving, until he understood that she was the one who had shot him. Now, with Cam’s help, the police have relocated the ambulance. Danny was lost.

9 ^ Why did Will kill Danny?

Desperate, believing that his brother was dead or about to die, and with the police surrounding him and without any support, the only thing left for Danny was to die, and the only thing he had to do was take down the person who helped foil his crimes. Danny planned to kill Cam and then immolate himself, but seeing that his brother was about to become a version of his father, Will – who was not yet dead – took his brother’s life, leaving Cam alive.

10 ^ What does the ending of Ambulance mean? What is the message of the film?

In the end, Danny apologizes to Will before he dies. The cops were willing to let Will die, but Cam, attending to her commitment to her patients, helped him up with the help of Mark, who also felt responsibility, as Will helped Zach. Finally, Cam gives him the part of the money for the treatment of Will’s daughter, and Will stays in the hospital, while Cam visits Lindsay, the girl she saved in the first scene of the film.

Danny apologizes to Will because he finally understood that it was his actions that brought him to that critical situation where they were both about to die. Cam understood that behind a criminal, there is always a story, a human face, and that a life is something much more complex than she believed. In the end Will is alive, but he will end up in prison, although with the satisfaction that his wife will be able to have money to pay for her daughter’s treatment.

But the most significant scene in the film is when Cam visits Lindsay. At the beginning of the film, Cam had declared that she could not be feeling affection, neither for the patients, nor for the colleagues, because they were just work. In the end, Cam realizes that the best way to heal is to let those bonds surface and emerge as naturally as they did with Will, and even with Danny, and if he could with them, why not with Lindsay or with Emt? ?

Even when we punish ourselves for not being perfect, that punishment does not have to be forever.

Questions? Annotations? More doubts? The comments section is open just below this post so feel free to use it. See you in the next installment of Ending Explained here at El Sabanero X.

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Reseñas X ^ Animales Nocturnos.

Dirigida por el también diseñador de modas Tom Ford y protagonizada por Amy Adams y Jake Gyllenhaal, Animales Nocturnos (Título original: Nocturnal Animals) es una de esas películas que probablemente no llegue a tu sala de cine más cercana por la simple y sencilla razón de que a las empresas de exhibición y distribución de películas les aterra la idea de presentar una película de alta calidad y que el espectador promedio prefiera ir a abarrotar las salas para ver una película de terror, una animada, o una porquería producida por Dago García. Pero si por pura casualidad, en su cine más cercano ya están exhibiendo esta película, le aconsejo que deje de hacer lo que está haciendo y vaya a verla de inmediato: Animales Nocturnos es fácilmente una de las mejores películas de todo el año 2016.


Animales Nocturnos cuenta la historia de Susan Morrow (Amy Adams), la dueña de una galería de arte en Los Ángeles que empieza a dar los primeros pinitos en su intención de convertirse en una artista reconocida, en lugar de ser simplemente la esposa de un importante ejecutivo (Armie Hammer). Luego de su primera exhibición Susan recibe el manuscrito de la primera novela de su ex-esposo Edward (Gyllenhaal) titulada Animales Nocturnos, novela que cuenta la historia de Tony Hastings (Gyllenhaal, también), su esposa y su hija, que una noche son atacados por una banda de delincuentes liderados por Ray Marcus (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

La película transcurre entre las dos realidades, la ficticia, donde Tony debe enfrentar a Ray Marcus con ayuda del Teniente Bobby Andes (Michael Shannon), y la real, donde la historia de Tony pone la vida de Susan con su familia, con su esposo, con su hija y con su ex-esposo en un contexto que jamás había imaginado.

La historia, si bien es una adaptación de un libro (como el 99.97% de las películas de hoy en día) es original y fresca, tanto en la parte argumental, como en la parte narrativa. Ford, como director, logra encontrar la sinfonía perfecta en la que las dos realidades, la de Tony y la de Susan, transcurren y encuentra el clímax perfecto en cada ocasión, acompañada de una impecable estética visual y sonora.

Las actuaciones en esta película son fenomenales. Amy Adams y Jake Gyllenhaal llevan perfectamente bien el peso de esta película y sirven de columna vertebral de ambas historia, pero las palmas son sin duda para Michael Shannon y para Aaron Taylor-Johnson que logran una integración prodigiosa con sus personajes. Es interesante porque el último papel de Shannon fue el de un villano (Man of Steel) y en esta se convierte en un buen policía con un dejo de debilidad que se siente a través de su actuación. Y Taylor-Johnson, que por fin se despoja de sus ropas de superhéroe y se transforma en un villano francamente aterrador, para su edad. No creo estar «orinando fuera del tiesto» cuando digo que el Ray Marcus de Taylor-Johnson se encuentra entre los mejores villanos del cine de este siglo.

Las escenas y los diálogos de la película son, así mismo, impecables y preparan al espectador para entender la premisa de la película, que es explícita en una frase de uno de los personajes «cuando estás con la persona que amas, tienes que ser muy cuidadoso antes de dejarlo ir, porque quizás algo así no lo vuelvas a encontrar». Una verdadera obra de arte. Cien por ciento recomendada.

5,00 / 5,00