Onward: When Disney is Terrified of its Own Movies

Starring: Chris Pratt, Tom Holland

Director: Dan Scanlon

Year: 2020 | Running Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes.

Walt Disney Pictures | USA

Onward is literally the less expected film from Pixar Animation Studios since it was founded back then in 1986. No fabulous release dates – Summer, Thanksgiving or Christmas -, not too many tv ads, no fancy popcorn boxes on theaters, no super promotional banners. It almost looks like Disney wanted to give it the least visibility possible, as if Disney didn’t really trust this project. Or worst, as if they were terrified of releasing it, and after seeing it I can understand why.

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The Warning (Netflix Original) ^ Ending Explained

I admit it – every time Netflix breaks the ice with a new film coming from Spain, I have serious doubts about pushing the Play button. I am not really sure why. Maybe it is the lack of balance between art and entertainment, or maybe it is the thick accent (Colombian Spanish is my native language), or maybe it is that I just prefer new films coming from the anglosphere. I do not know. Maybe it is a mix of everything. But The Warning (Original Name: El Aviso) – the most recent spanish Netflix fim – has just proved me wrong. Totally wrong.

This film is so well-made and exciting that definitely I will have zero doubts next time I find another spanish release on Netflix. This good impression is a consequence of the thriller nature of the movie, that combines suspense, superstition, mathematics, parallel timelines, and of course, some drama as well. So many elements, that you may find yourself wondering what just happened in the movie when the credits roll. But do not worry, we will try to answer every single question you may have about The Warning. Just keep reading!

the warning ending explained

1 ^ Who are the main characters in The Warning? How many timelines are we seeing in the movie?

The film has two main characters: Jon (Raúl Arévalo), a brilliant mathematician with serious mental issues; and Nico (Hugo Arbues), a 9-year-old boy who suffers from  Continúa leyendo The Warning (Netflix Original) ^ Ending Explained